Ritopriyo Saha

Senior Tattoo Artist & Founder
Work Experience: Since 2007

Drawing since childhood, he was led to a Comtemporary Art course in Barcelona which shed a new creative energy in him. Over period, the press has recognised him with credentials such as best tattoo artist in Bangalore by Bangalore Mirror, interviewed as a veteran tattoo artist in India Today, Economic Times and DNA Bangalore. Ritopriyo specializes in Geometric Lines & Dotwork, Hyper-realism though he fancies Freehand Indian Traditional Artwork as Body Suit Designs. In other times, he also performs as a Painter, Sculptor, Author, Music Composer & Film Maker. His previous artworks have been exhibited in Barcelona, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Prose & Poetry: http://ritopriyosaha.blogspot.in

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Muthu Kumar

Advanced Tattoo Artist
Work Experience: Since 2013

Black and grey shades being his playground, new school traditional and geometric tattoos are his strength. His showcase revolves around an eye for perfection in minimalistic time, primarily to enhance the experience of a tattoo coming alive. Struggling his way as an art student from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, he has eventually inculcated a natural desire to live through his unique designs and immaculately done tattoos, taking immense care to ensure richness and accuracy.

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Sayantan Debnath

Intermediate Tattoo Artist
Work Experience: Since 2016

Primed from one of the best tattoo artists in India, Lokesh Verma from Devilz Tattooz. A spectacular pencil sketcher & watercolor artist, especially in realism. He works comfortably with Oriental Artwork, but fancies Portraits. He is great at designing tattoos on Photoshop, bringing in a curious mix of hyper realistic and hand drawn custom work.

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