Ritopriyo Saha

Painter, Sculptor, Inceptor TrippINK & Eastern Light Productions
Sr. Tattoo Artist: 11 Yrs

Drawing since childhood, he was led to a Comtemporary Art course in Barcelona which shed a new creative energy in him. Over period, the press has recognised him with credentials such as best tattoo artist in Bangalore by Bangalore Mirror, interviewed as a veteran tattoo artist in India Today, Economic Times and DNA Bangalore. He performs as a Tattoo Artist, Painter, Sculptor through TrippINK and Music Composer, Film Maker through Eastern Lights Productions. His works have been exibited in Barcelona, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Sachin Shamarao

Ex-IBM, Co-Owner TrippINK
Sr. Tattoo Artist: 9 Yrs

Primed from the best tattoo artist in India, Eric Jason D'souza from ironbuzztattoos. A spectacular pencil sketcher. He works comfortably in Lines and Dots, but fancies Portraits. He gains adrenaline in travelling, and you find him most of the time in gyms or over some mountains hiking.

Muthu Kumar

Ex-CKP, Int. Tattoo Artist: 4 Yrs

Black and grey shades being his playground, realistic tattoo is his strength. His showcase revolves around his eye for perfection in minimalistic time, primarily to provide the feeling of a tattoo coming alive.
Struggling through his way of evolving to be an artist he has inclucated the nature to live through his designs and tattoos, taking immense care to ensure accuracy.