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In the age of Technology and advancement where everyone is opting for a career like Engineering, medical or management, it takes a lot to choose something that is different from the usual, close to one's heart and brings out the creative side to the fullest.

Are you looking for a career in tattoo art, if yes then continue reading as we help you explore the various facets of a tattoo artist and how you can take this up as a career choice to reach new heights?

With everyone running a rat race and involved in a career that entails 5-day week schedule starting from 9 in the morning till 6, life can get quite monotonous for some. A career that involves excitement and fun is what some of us may be considering. If you are looking for something different from the mainstream, a bit more challenging and gives you a lot of creative flow, poses new creative challenges each day and is very high on job satisfaction, then a career in tattoo art is what you should be looking at.

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How Did The Art Of Tattooing Evolve?

Tattoos have evolved over a period starting from ancient times and have had a significant role in various customer and traditions not only in India but also across the world. They have played an important role in the lives of tribal men and women and acted as a symbol of art for various needs. In the Asian land of tribes, a lot of women are known to get a particular skill that they possess, tattooed on their forearm as a symbol of their work. Not only this, sometimes the tribe's men do tattoo art in various parts of the body to distinguish themselves from other tribes.

Sign of sun, flowers or a manuscript of the local language was a common type of tattoos symbol used by them. For example, if a tribal woman belonged to the weaver class then her forearm bore a symbol that indicating her as a skilled weaver, this would, in turn, indicate that her status as a prime prospect for marriage would increase.

As mentioned earlier, tattooing is one of the oldest art forms known to mankind and is practiced in all cultures and religions across the world with each culture using it in its own unique way. It greatly involves the creation of a pattern that is a permanent or temporary form of symbol or images on the upper layer of the skin. The art is performed by the use of highly skilled tattoo artists who know the art well. They pierce the skin with the help of a small sharp needle that gives a permanent color on the surface of the skin, and a mark is created.

Increasing Demand for Tattoo Art

A lot of the young generation likes to go in for tattoos and it is a popular style statement for some. Young women and men can be seen flaunting a tattoo on the arm or hand with various designs including written words. To each one, the tattoo that they possess may mean something different. For example, a woman with a tattoo that has a bird design may mean a sense of freedom that she is looking to achieve. It could be anything from getting into the desired profession or financial independence or even living a life of her own. Tattoos have become a way of expressing one's deep desires and by getting inked, a lot of people validate the feelings that they have been experiencing.

The way people look at this art form has changed to a great extent. Right from communication to identifying one person from another tattoo were used for all kinds of markings that helped people communicate in a certain way. Times have changed a lot today and so have people's perception of this art form people have a different attitude towards tattoo and it is very closely connected with fashion.

Majority of youngsters like to get inked in order to stay in fashion and create a stylish image for themselves, but at the same time, there are some who look at tattoos from a more artistic point of view and consider it as a way of expressing art form with their body being a Canvas.

Tattoo Art as a Career

With the increase in demand for this art, there is an equal surge in demand for skilled artists who are expert in the field and possess the necessary skills that the craft demands. It's a growing field with more and more artists with great artistic abilities wanting to join the bandwagon and gaining formal knowledge to pursue this as a career. We provide exhaustive tattoo training in Bangalore and are known for our experienced background and fine teaching skills with well-equipped teaching tools. If you wish to pursue a career in tattoo art then look no further, join us and we will help you to start your career in the tattoo industry.

Best Tattoo Training Provided At Trippink

Why Getting Trained in Tattooing is the Best Experience You Can Have?

Have an artistic bent of mind and a flair for creativity? Tattooing can be one of the brightest career options for you. There are so many students who do not want to indulge in the monotonous studies or cannot afford to pay a hefty fee but still want to pick up a career that can help them make a decent living. These students can try to get trained in tattooing art from the best place and can expect to have a great career before them. Trippink is the best Tattoo Studio and Tattoo training center that they can reach too.

Given here are the reasons which make Trippink the best training center for tattoo course:

Creativity is Judged First:

Trippink knows that the perfect tattooing needs creativity and an innovative mind at its very base. So, the students here are picked up meticulously and their creativity level is judged first before they get admission to the training institute. All those who have a flair for creativity can expect to get admitted here so that has to get well-trained they can come up with stunning designs of their own. Students here have an innate skill of creativity.

Satisfactory Knowledge, Support and Training:

There are several tattoo training institutes in Bangalore that charge lakhs of rupees together and cannot furnish the desired training. The students admitted here in Trippink get the right support from the experienced tattooists so that they can acquire a satisfactory knowledge and get trained for the safety measures to be followed in it. The right training by experts of tattooing helps them to get transformed and ready to meet the challenges of the industry.

The Center Obliges Students from Different Streams and Districts:

Not only the people living in Bangalore but the students coming from different cities, states or even different countries are obliged here. Trippink believes in creativity and an innovative thought process which not only students of fine arts but the students studying Science may also have and hence whatever place of the world you are from and whatever stream of study you may have, you can expect to get admitted here in Trippink.

Only Weekend Classes Are Conducted:

Trippink believes in making students learn the practical aspects more. The professionals teaching here know that utmost care is to be taken while performing tattooing. Safety and hygiene are the primary concerns of tattoo artists. So, all the safety measures to be taken are taught here and how to use tools involved in it, etc. The center does not overburden its students and lets them focus more on the practical aspect and enable them to practice the art simultaneously so that at the end they can come up with the best results.

Get Taught Only by the Expert and Certified Tattooists:

Certified and experienced teachers teach here in Trippink. So, the students coming to the center are utterly satisfied whenever they attend the class. They know how to teach all the practical aspects of tattooing proficiently and bring the best of students out. Students studying here have the satisfaction of getting trained by experts.

Trippink Is The Institute Where Perfection Is Sought:

Trippink institute is meant for perfection and the institute teaches its students to master the various forms of this art. It teaches how to be proficient in the art of tattooing. So, when you get admitted here as a student you can expect to learn all the technical know-how, you will learn how to use the tools with proficiency and how to deal with other intricacies involved. So, after the training, the students can expect to deal with any issue effectively.

Better Placement Record:

You get the full value of what you spend as a fee here. The students taught here has a better placement record and the brightest students can expect to get absorbed in the Trippink Studio itself and can expect to have a good career and earning here.

Applying To The Institute Is An Easy Process:

You can apply online to the Trippink training institute, complete all the formalities and can get started. It is as easy as this. You do not have to do much if you know how to complete the registration process and go ahead.

The Course Is Completed In The Stipulated Period:

You would be provided with course material as soon as you are enrolled. The entire course-material given to you would be completed in a due-course of time, you would be evaluated both theoretically and practically for what you have acquired and only then get a certificate. The certificate is duly endorsed by an authorized body and hence it is valid wherever you go to fetch a job.

A Good Track Record of Institute:

A majority of students taught and trained here are already working as tattoo artists and are well-placed. The institute has a good track record of churning out cream only. It has a great track record and most of the students trained here have acquired great careers.

In short, Trippink is a leading tattoo training institute in Bangalore. The well-known institute is known for polishing the skills of those aspiring to embrace tattooing as a profession. Getting trained here can be a good experience and make you feel great. The institute has been there for several years and has a studio also where the best talent is retained here.

There is nothing wrong about taking up your passion as a profession. If you love drawing and painting you can expect to become a great tattoo artist. Learn up to acquire all that is necessary to become a tattooist from the best institute in Bangalore which is Trippink of course! So look no further and make the best use of your love for drawing and painting by getting trained here.

Excel Your Tattoo Skills through Trippink Tattoo Training

Do you want to ensure that your tattoo skills are at their zenith? Are you a tattooist who is already in employment but want to go in for a training that is updated with all the present and trending improvised trends for tattooing? Then look us up and enroll yourself with our admission executives immediately. Even if you have no proper training in tattooing previously you can join our classes and we will train your tattooing skills and make you a professional pro at the art. Open your tattoo shop or join our team of tattooist or you can even apply to your desired tattoo studio with your degree in professional tattoo training from us. Here is how we help you to excel in your trade and artistry through our intensive training.

  • At our Trippink Tattoo Institute, we take in students from all streams of subjects. The only basic requirement that you have to meet is that you need to have basic skills and training in drawing. If you can draw artistically and have creative ideas that you implement while drawing on a paper then you can join our tattooing institute. Tattooing is quite hard and if you do not have a steady hand and the basic skills then the process becomes a tab bit difficult but not impossible.
  • Trippink teaches you from the very basic skills of tattooing. If you are already familiar with the basic skills then you can attend a few classes and then move on up to the higher training notches within a few days from your joining our institute as a student. This helps you to get to hone your skills faster while being in touch with the primary skills at the same time.
  • We have a very simple selection process and once you are through the screening, you can easily deposit the required fees and start your class immediately with us. We have a limited number of seats in each of our classes and we ensure to teach in small batches so that every individual student can be paid equal attention by the expert teachers.
  • After you are through your screening, a small test is taken by the instructors to see the individual skills and to determine your best strengths of tattooing and the spots where you need to work to strengthen your tattooing skills wholly. We know that every artist is different and works on his or her talents and have different hand strokes. So, we ensure that the faculty teaching you considers this and improvises upon your skills individually as required.
  • Tattooing is an art that needs constant patience and consistency from both the teachers and the students. We arrange various workshops that will help you to interact with many famous tattooists, get their views and learn about how they advanced in the field. Our workshops also include a session where we improve upon your concentration and patience with various activities, meditation, and other interesting methods.
  • We ensure to fulfill all the expectation that our students have from us regarding professionally honing their skills. We make you ready for business while working on your personal creative development for doing tattoos. We make the training rigorous and intensive but frame it in a way so that it suits all your creative needs while giving your confidence a boost to experiment and try out new ways of tattooing.
  • When you take your tattoo training from our institute we focus on your whole evolution as an artist. You are not only made aware of the fundamentals of tattooing but the processes that are critical before doing and after complete the tattoos are also taught by the institute. We give training classes in skin analysis. Once you know the different types of skin and how every individual can have different skin from the other even with similar characteristics on the display, it becomes easier for you to advise on the styles of tattoo designing that can be tried by your customer. It also helps you to choose the needles and the ink along with the aftercare tattoo products that will give the best results for your client’s desire and skin.
  • We also make you understand the different reasons as to why there might be eruption after the tattooing is done and even the healing period is elapsed despite using the best products and taking full care of your clients. There can be several issues which might need medical experts to check-on the tattoo and being a tattooist we understand how important it must be for you to understand when to tell your client to pay a visit to a doctor for better care. All the clients depend on their tattooist for expert opinion and often do what they are advised by the tattooists so other than being creative you must also be knowledgeable about the possible concerns that getting inked has in store for your clients and you.
  • We also provide real-life training even if you are a novice at tattooing. You can practice tattooing on willing models but all the tattoos done on them are temporary and the expert trainers are there in the class to supervise your real practice session. We also conduct examinations where you have to tattoo on the given subjects and styles to get the degree certificate. If you want to specialize in a certain type of tattooing then, you can apply for it separately and sit for the test for specialization along with your basic degree examinations.
  • At our training academy, you will also get informed about the history of tattooing, the evolution that it has been through and how the past art form can be mixed with the evolved form of tattooing. This gives you an excellent wider outlook on the art and you can variously approach your excellent tattooing skills to suit the separate needs of multiple clients.

Do not worry about the cost for we assure you that there will no need for you to break into your bank. Learn a trade and fuel your passion at our Trippink Tattoo Training Institute to excel at your inking capabilities.

Getting trained at Trippink is true bliss.