Tattoos Studio in Koramangala

Tattoos Studio in Koramangala

Welcome to Trippink Tattoos

Trippink Tattoos is a leading tattoo studio in Koramangala. By choosing our tattoo studio, you can rest assured of getting yourself inked with experienced tattoo artists who are experts in creating flawless tattoo designs. If you are looking for the best shops for the tattoo in Koramangala, you are in the right place.

Thinking Tattooing - Get Personal Consultation

At Trippink tattoos, we have experienced tattoo artists who help you in choosing the best design from a range of tattoo designs. With the guidance of our tattoo experts, you can choose a design that reflects your personality. You can also book a personal consultation with our tattoo artists to get a custom tattoo done for you.

Creativity incorporated with Trippink Tattoos

Our tattoo studio is regarded as one of the top tattoo shops in Koramangala for a reason. We follow a client centric approach and strive hard to strike a balance between the desired tattoo design and the actual tattoo design. Our tattoo experts conduct a one to one session with every tattoo aspirant to understand his/her expectations. The tattoo artists also offer suggestions on various parameters like design, size, colors, shades and effects. On request, our tattoo artists also do a tattoo sample for your satisfaction.

About Tattoos Designs

Trippink tattoo studio in Koramangala offers a wide range of tattoo designs. The plethora of designs offered by us can be categorized into the following.

  • Faith: Faith tattoo art depicts your strong belief in a religion or an ideology.
  • Fantasy: Fantasy tattoo includes tattooing a fantasy belief, a fantasy character or a prop by used by a fantasy character.
  • Geometric: Geometric design aims at making a pattern with the use of geometric shapes.
  • Graphic: Graphic tattoos are designs that ink an aesthetic abstract design on your body
  • Life: Life tattoo represents a design that is specific to your life experience.
  • Minimalist: This tattoo type focuses on making a small tattoo design representing the idea ‘Less is more’. A minimal tattoo art depicting a belief or liking for someone/something can be done.
  • Portrait: Portrait tattoo design is based on getting yourself inked with the portrait of a loved one, a celebrity you idolize or a character you admire.

Hygienic process at Trippink Tattoos

At Trippink Tattoo studio in Koramangala, we lay a large impetus on offering a hygienic environment to our clients by following all prescribed safety standards. Some of the safety measures adopted by us include using high quality imported ink that is sterilized before the tattoo procedure, disposable tattoo needles to avoid infection, high-quality tattoo machines and tattoo stencils, lubricants, lotions and ointments that are medically approved.

Tattoo Aftercare

Getting yourself inked requires spending considerable time, money and effort. Hence, it’s important for you to take proper care of your tattoo to ensure that your tattoo lasts long. The tattoo artists at Trippink tattoo shop in Koramangala will regularly conduct follow up sessions with you, offering tattoo care tips specific to your design and skin type.

Benefits of selecting Trippink Tattoos shop in Koramangala

By selecting our studio for doing a tattoo in Koramangala, you will be 100% satisfied. This is because we at Trippink Tattoo are well known for creating flawless designs by experienced tattoo artists, offering hygienic environment, adhering to safety standards and assuring value for money. If you want to do a tattoo in Koramangala, you can call us at +91 97482 98107, email us at or directly visit our studio.

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Tattoo Shop In Koramangala
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Tattoo Shop In Koramangala
Tattoo Shop In Koramangala
Tattoo Shop In Koramangala

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do tattoos cost in Koramangala?

The average tattoo prices in Koramangala are INR 2800 as basic charge and INR 700 as an additional charge for per square inch

2. How do I select a tattoos design?

The tattoo design can be selected by browsing through online tattoo designs, design catalogues and consulting tattoo artists.

3. How to select your Tattoo artist in Koramangala?

You should choose a tattoo artist who has years of hands on experience in creating tattooed art and works with a reputed tattoo studio.

4. Are tattoo studios in Koramangala hygienic and safe?

Yes. Tattoo studios in Koramangala offer the hygienic environment and follow prescribed safety standards

5. How much experience do artists at Trippink Tattoo Studio in Koramangala have?

Tattoo artists at Trippink tattoo studio in Koramangala have years of hands on experience in creating tattoo designs.

6. How do I book an appointment with Trippink Tattoos?

To book an appointment with Trippink Tattoos, you can call at +91 97482 98107 or email at

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