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Tattoo art comes in one of the difficult arts, only a learning duration is not sufficient to become the best tattoo artist. Great tattoo designers have given their vast years and gone beyond their imaginative limits to sketch masterpieces. The best artist not only focuses on delivering flawless design he or she will also take care of clients sitting, the pain they are going to take, the money they are investing on design, the preparation what they have done to get a great output and every small thing related to getting ink.

A top artist will never ignore all his or her clients’ investment and sacrifices because without client’s contribution it is not possible for an artist to achieve great designs alone. Because clients don’t have a practice of long sitting or habit of bearing intolerable pain sitting silently but they listen and obey all the rules said by artist and believe on an artist that he or she will not let them fall into any injury or accident.

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You Are Not a Single Viewer of Your Tattoo Design

Before you get inked Remember you are not a single person who is going to view tattoo art placed on your body so your tattoo design should be perfect and attractive enough to draw the attention of viewers. The imperfect design will never catch the viewer’s eyes, in fact, it will give them a chance to give negative comments.

Be wise and careful while picking a tattoo design or a tattoo shop, don’t worry a top tattoo artist will suggest you best design which will drag millions of eyes towards it. Go and meet the best tattoo maker to get inked and to achieve an outcome which you have desired.

Are Your Tattoo Shop Matches Your Requirements?

Simply seeing tattoo shop by passing road and entering it to get inked will put you in trouble. Before you enter any tattoo shop you need to gather complete information about artist and tattoo studio. It requires some time and study but it will save you from many hassles which will come if you consult shop or artist without doing any research. Investigate whether they have got an authority or license from Government to run that shop in that particular area or not.

An owner of that tattoo studio is hired certified artists or not, whether they obey cleaning and hygiene rules and standards, are they charge ethically, how they treat their customers, are they capable to deliver your designs, do they have their own portfolio, what level of artistry skills they have, they are well informed about the field, how are their previous customers reviews and feedbacks, are they delivered what they told etc. This little study will save you from many problems, remember the studio or a tattoo shop you select should match your taste and requirements.

Save Huge By Picking Top Tattoo Shop

Visit us we Trippink are ticked first in the list of top tattoo shops in Bangalore because we actively engaged in this field with an aim to offer great designs without a single mistake and our passion and tireless efforts made us most praised and trusted top tattoo shop in Bangalore. Our real price won’t hurt your pocket and you will get exact value to your money. We are intended to deliver best at nominal prices not simply aim to drag money from your pocket. Picking us will give you great savings and satisfactory results.

Right Tattoo Shop Reaches Clients Satisfactory Level!

Being the best tattoo shop in Bangalore we perform our duties and responsibilities with a double check and with extra care. We have created a distinct name and this goodwill among best tattoo shops in Bangalore only with our honest efforts and great sincerity. This popularity, name, and credibility for our tattoo shop come due to our focus, sacrifices, the aim of giving best, real costs, co-operating nature, friendly nature, patience, good communication, innovative designs, challenging tasks, appreciable service, etc. We have a huge number of clients who are completely satisfied with our services and happy with our designs. We feel happy and proud when customers appreciate us for our genuine efforts and for delivered designs.

Why Trippink tattoo shop is leading in the industry?

Tattoos have not been a recent craze but rather etched into the skin of Indian culture starting from a time we can’t imagine. This art first gained popularity across manufacturing a tribes and has ever since been an integral part of different caste and communities of Indian culture across the length and breadth of India. Tattoos have been using for various reasons and have served myriad purposes, right from being identification marks on one's skin to some people having inked permanently to enhance and mark their skin to beautify themselves and seem more attractive. While for many others tattoos have been a mark of representation of the different stages of womanhood or a mark of strength on the arm of great warriors who won many battles, for some as a protective symbol from the evil and even a belief that it can cure certain physical ailments. Such is the power and importance of tattooing in our culture and that of cultures across the world.

In the past few years, tattooing in this mystic land has made a prominent mark for itself and has come a long way. There are exceptionally hygienic and plush tattoo parlors that have come up just to give dedicated space to this interesting body art form.

We have a large reputation and clientele that explain volumes of our art.

We are a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals who created each design with passion.

We have a qualified set of artists under us who know their job to perfection and leave no chance for fault.

We are highly conscious of our client’s health and well-being and our parlor maintains utmost cleanliness.

We treat our clients with respect and cater to each of their individual needs to perfection.

We explain our artists to the latest on-the-go marketing and keep abreast with what is trending. They constantly work on their expertise and are enhancing their skills by being in the circuit of knowledge and training.

With all the above quoits and much more, we have been able to establish a reputation of being the best tattoo parlor in the city and are therefore the most preferred choice amongst all. These reasons that make unique and much in demand. We are leaders in tattoo art as we constantly upgrade ourselves and bring something interesting to the table now and then. If you are looking for a tattoo artist for yourself then look no further, get associated with us and make your tattoo experience a memorable one that stays with you forever and makes you come back again.

Finding the best tattoo shop in Bangalore which has specialized tattoo artists is not so simple but we Trippink are not just an ordinary tattoo studio, we are different from other tattoo parlors and found as an eminent name in the tattoo world. The way we work and the designs what we deliver are unmatchable and the comfort and professionalism what you get at our tattoo shop take you to the different world.

Things that Made Trippink Tattoo Shop Stand Out

Tattooing is an art that has been practiced and perfected over the eras. The concept of tattoo studios have gained mass attention recently and a lot of people are interested in getting themselves inked in the brightest colors possible. Tattoos are not only an icon of fashion these days but also a way to wear your heart on the sleeve. If you have been recently wanting to get inked then you can come to our tattoo studio and get inked as much as you like. Even if you had tattoos done in the past but want to try out the best tattoo studio in town then look us up for your tattoo demands. Trippink Tattoo Shop is a famous name in the tattooing world as many features make our business stand out in the crowd wearing a crown made of happy clients, awards and best services.

Attributes of Trippink Tattoo Shop

At Trippink Tattoo shop, we value our customers greatly. Your safety and relaxation is an important aspect of our tattoo parlor. We understand how going for a tattoo can be a life-changing experience for you. A single tattoo that you wear on your body shows more than your fashion consciousness and we as tattooists can relate to your decision of going for tattoos more than anyone else.

  • Trippink Tattoo shop is an upcoming tattoo studio which has gained mass attention from both tattoo lovers and tattoo fancies alike in a very short period. Our studio location is at one of the most prominent places which make visiting our studio at any time both feasible and transport friendly for you.
  • When you enter our tattoo parlor you can see that we have infused the old charms of the tattoo art with the modern-day upgraded versions of tattooing. Our whole studio is built-in a way to ensure that all our clients and tattoo artists feel at home here where they can pour their heart out creatively with the help of tattoos. Once you walk into our studio you will realize that vast positive difference that our studio creates with its ambiance.
  • There are many tattoo studios and some of these studios are quite old as well. Making a name in the industry as a newbie with only a few years of establishment history, Trippink has achieved its goals with earnest services towards the clients and the artists alike. The most important aspect which makes Trippink stand out as a famous tattoo center even amidst some of the oldest and celebrated studios is that fact that we never compromise on quality.
  • Trippink also treats clients and employees with the same reverence. This specific attribute of Trippink has earned us many satisfied clients and happy and professional employees including artists. Trippink believes in inspiring the creativity of both the artists and the customer and our administration never interferes within your consultations about the tattoos with your artists. Whatever ideas about designs you discuss with your artist remain with him or her till both of you are satisfied with the resulting work.
  • As a tattoo shop, we understand your concerns regarding the products that are to be used on your skin directly. We are open to all kinds of skin types and if you are allergic to any product on our list then we arrange for an alternative that won’t cause you any damage.
  • The ink used in our studio for tattooing is of the best quality. We also do colored tattoos. It is essential that the ink used is of good quality and it will be in direct contact with your skin. We have both permanent inks and temporary inks to help you get either a permanent or a temporary tattoo depending on your demands. Also, if you want to use ink that is made with organic raw materials like it was in the old times, you can talk with our expert organizer and if the conditions are suitable we will arrange your tattooing session by all your demands and requirements.
  • We also ensure that the tattoo gun that is to be used for your tattooing is of the latest model and we keep all our equipment updated to the latest ongoing technology and models. The needles used are also sterilized. Only new needles are used for doing tattoos. The needle pinches into your skin and comes back up and after the tattoo is complete we dispose of all the used needles to ensure proper hygiene for all our clients.
  • Also, before going in for the tattoo we analyze your skin type and the condition of your skin thoroughly. If you have faced any issue with your skin previously then it is advised that you inform our experts accordingly. Also, if you are any kind of medication for your skin or otherwise it is recommended that present all the details regarding the matter. It not only helps our experts to ensure your safety but also assists in getting the right products that will suit you the most for your tattoo.
  • We have various booklets full of tattoo designs and if you do not have an idea about what you want to get then you can have a look at our designs and choose from the catalogs. You can also ask our tattoo artist about designs and go for a creative design that he suggests or mix and match your chosen design with his creative idea and get a unique tattoo for yourself.

Along with creative designs, a remarkable experience of getting tattooed and a step by step guidance throughout your time with us, we also have many discounts in our bag especially for you. We ensure that we charge a fair price depending on the tattoo you are getting done and the artist working on it. Also, after your tattoos are done we are in regular contact with you till your tattoo heals completely. You can contact our Trippink tattoo studio for further particulars.

Training at Our Tattoo Shop

A shop that is known for teaching its students valuable professional skills and for imparting knowledge so that, later on in life, the learners can use to earn their own bread and also find and follow their passion in their profession. Choosing to become a tattoo artist makes is critical for you to have an in-depth study of the art of tattoos and some fundamental art strokes and knowledge about drawing on skin. Tattoo coaching has been given over the epochs and when we study the history of tattoo learning we find that various tattoo masters had taught the art and passed it on to the next tattoo artists through both oral and practical classes. Trippink Tattoo Shop as formed its classes for tattoo training after much research about the tattooing and the art and has included both old ways and improvised versions of the art to ensure that you get both of the best skills. Our Tattoo Shop is very much appreciated by both the aspirants, present students and all the famous tattooists for its innovative classes and methods of tattoo training.

  • Art cannot be rushed and we firmly believe in this principle. Tattooing is an art form that is completely different from other art forms although it requires you to have the basic art skills. In other forms of art when you are painting or sketching on a paper, a wall or on other materials it allows you space for correction if you feel that a stroke here would better than a store on another certain corner. It allows you a single opportunity or sometimes even multiple opportunities to use your eraser but for tattooing, you get only one chance each stroke to make each of the sections of your drawing perfect. So, we give our students their own time to learn how to perfect their tattoo strokes so that in their professional life they shine brightly with perfect tattooing skills. None of our classes are held in a rushed manner so you can take your own sweet time to understand each concept when you are attending your tattoo training with us.
  • All our classes are formulated by expert tattooists who are also qualified tattoo masters and know about the art from its very origins. This is a unique aspect of our tattoo shop in Bangalore and makes the development of our students as future tattoo masters more advanced and futuristic. If you were always interested in learning about the method that was used to do tattoos on the ancient era then you can join our special course in ancient techniques get a degree from us to practice it practically as a tattooist. We teach everything from making tattoo ink like it was made in the early period to the process of tattooing in the least painful manner. Getting tattoos done in this way is getting more attention from tattoo lovers as the organic components of the ink and the old world experience is quite attractive to many clients who want to feel the old charm of tattooing without having to travel back in time.
  • The rates of the course fees are also very reasonable in our institute compared to that of other tattoo shops in Bangalore. Also, once you enroll in one of the courses you can take up small additional courses absolutely free of charge. These small courses and workshop are presided over by tattooists who are not only related to the professional field of tattooing but have also taught at various other tattoo institutes. We make sure that you make your own contact base once you come for the training so that later on it helps you to boost your career as a tattooist. The international exposure and the chance to participate in both national and international tattooing contests further strengthens your skills and resume as a trained tattoo artist.
  • We also have provisions where you can make the payment for the course fees via any method and also through part payments. It makes it easier for you to continue training while not worrying about fees and payments. You can also make your payments on your own time as we do not exert any force on our students while they are in training at our institute. For course fee details you can contact the officials concerned with the admission department and get the full details and catalogs both online and offline. We are available for communication through e-mails and phone as well so even if you are living out of the station and cannot come over for information then, find us through our online contacting mediums.
  • All our classes have further received more appreciation for the way the courses are taught. We understand that even if you are in love with your passion when you come to a professional institute to learn about the art in a professional manner your interest might wane in the art if the course is not taught in an interesting way where you can develop upon the art creatively while grooming your skills and adding value to the course that is being taught. To make sure that all our courses remain interesting we also let you choose your own courses and make a package out of it.
  • When you are in tattoo training we ensure to update your digital skills of tattooing as well. Before the tattoo is inscribed on the client, the design is shown to the customer digitally so the client has an exact idea about how the tattoo is going to appear after it is completed in reality. Any changes can be made instantly which saves both the tattooists and client loads of time.

The after graduation internships and placement offers along with advanced courses on tattooing are also there for our students to avail. We extend our assistance to even our ex-students and these reasons have no doubt clearly contributed to the world-class appreciation along with great remarks for Trippink Tattoo Shop.

Trippink Help You Lead In Tattoo Skills

The concept of making body art has been prevalent since ages and us no longer a strange culture to us and it has been accepted with open arms in India as well as in the world culture. No doubt tattoo making is so popular these days and is synonymous to pop culture across the globe. The art if tattoo making has a certain degree of glamour attached to it and this is what makes it so interesting and appealing to the young generation today.

The number of tattoo shops in Bangalore providing services of tattoos making has significantly risen from a figure of about 15000 shops in the past few years and this indicates that this art form has been widely accepted in the Indian culture and finds a place here in our traditional land. Tattoo art has evolved greatly and one can see a fine blend of this art with Indian forms of designs and patterns that are seen as tattoos by our youth today. Images of Indian gods and goddesses along with Indian scriptures be it Sanskrit or Hindi sine popular Shlokas, all have been adopted by tattoo artist not only in but abroad. People who want to feel closer to their god usually get such designs imprinted on their body.

Tattoo art is also greatly influenced by Bollywood and many actors can be seen flaunting tattoos that look attractive and glamorous. This has also cast a great impact on the minds of people today and a lot of those who get a tattoo done is inspired by their favorite actors or actresses. Thanks to these very reasons, tattoo art is born in a time when there is a lot of hope for it to rise and gain popularity. But what is equally important is for one to be a good artist to survive the challenges of this profession that is based more on passion. It is therefore equally essential that you chalk out a plan of action and work in a direction with an aim this is an art that needs a lot of focus and attention. There is no scope for error. If you are interested in pursuing tattoo art as a profession then it is a must that you seek professional guidance and take proper training from a recognized institution like ours.

Established for years now, we have been in the business of tattoo making as well as shaping individual talents by providing training of tattoo art and have many successful artists working for our tattoo shop. We offer the best-trying facilities that you can receive and at every step we give you exposure to highly professional tips and tricks that help you have a stronghold over the subject and gain the necessary skills. We offer an apprentice program that gives you a chance to work with one of the best tattoo shops while you ate undergoing training. We believe in the holistic and practical approach to training and that reflects in our course content as well as the way it is imparted. This course gives you a great Launchpad to get into the challenges of this creative field and we prepare you in every way do that you can establish yourself in a short duration of time.

After the successful completion of the course, you are well equipped to work in a professional tattoo shop and gain experience before you can venture into opening your parlor and running it successfully. We highly advise you to take enough experience after completion of the course so that you can master the art to perfection and then consider opening a parlor of your own. Insufficient experience and a hasty decision can put both you and your client under high risk and you may lose your credibility even before you realize. After the successful completion of the training program, working under the professional guidance of an established and accomplished artist will teach you all about how to handle clients, selection of interesting designs, running a studio effectively and managing g all the affairs including the financial part and the science behind and the right use of the tattoo tools.

Tattoo art and inking on the body is a highly tedious process and involves great attention on the part of a tattoo artist. You cannot have a casual approach while doing a tattoo. There is a high amount of risk involved and a small mistake may cost you a lot. It, therefore, calls for a lot of attention on the part of the artist. You may also be required to work for long hours on a particular design if it demands so. Your clients are completely at your hands and their safety lies in your hands. It is essential therefore that you carry out the designing process with the utmost care and precision and show a lot of responsibility at every step.

With all of the above points into consideration, we at Trippink have formulated a program that takes care of the essentials of becoming a successful tattoo artist. Our program is designed in a way that you learn every detail regarding a drawing and how to transfer it in the body before the tattoo can begin. We make use of intensive training on the practice of design, color combination, techniques of design, shading and how to handle tough designs.

We also teach our students interpersonal skills and effective ways of communication and handling individual client need. They are given lessons on management of the tattoo shop and handling of the staff as well. Each of these is important components of being a good tattoo artist and are a way towards a holistic approach. Tattoo making is not only about art but also about handling different aspects of this art. If you incline to learn this ancient form of body art then you are in the right place. With our holistic training and your dedicated effort, you can take your passions to a different level and take the love for this art to a full-time profession which will not just be financially rewarding but very satisfying as well.