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Trippink is eminent and well maintained professional tattoo Parlour in Bangalore has all comforts and equipment for tattoo maker to sketch and execute all kinds of tattoo work. We can solve the increasing demands of tattoo lovers through our versatile tattoo designing services in Bangalore.

We provide several tattoo design options with various unique themes such as cultural, mythological and fantasy of tattoo designs. The Tattoo making process has done with extreme care by using advanced technology and superior quality color.

Here you will get countless tattoo designs and wonderful information about tattoo from the professional tattooist. Our tattoo artists are most talented and experts in operating tattoo machines they are specialized in designing any kind of temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos.

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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo done? Are you plagued by many questions regarding how to go about it and what is the right approach? There are multiple things that you should carefully take cognizance of before considering getting inked. In order to help you make a proper decision and potentially save you the unnecessary confusion, we have come up with certain points that will make you take an informed decision. Here are certain important things that one must ponder over if you are making up your mind about getting a tattoo inked.

No Pain No Gain.

Getting a tattoo is not easy and one may have to endure a certain degree of pain to get under the needle. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either painting a picture or only has may be a small tattoo design done on the place where it may pain the least. The process involves puncturing of your skin in order to insert a needle that injects ink into the layer of the skin. While we don't want to scare or discourage you, but it is better to be informed that one may have to bear some amount of pain depending on the size of the tattoo.

Also, another aspect to consider is that the bigger tattoo size is and the more elaborate and complicated the design, one is likely to experience more pain. The area of your body where you get a tattoo done is also to be factored when it comes to deciding upon a tattoo. Again, getting a tattoo will hurt. There will also be blood, obviously. So if you have an aversion to needles or blood or generally have a low pain threshold, we suggest thinking extra-hard about getting a tattoo.

Selecting the Right Design

Don’t take an impulsive decision when selecting a tattoo design as it may be irreversible and you may end up regretting it. Getting design done takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the tattoo artist and is a tedious process. Similarly for you also it's a long patient wait before you may get to appreciate the work of art. Selecting something that you don't like later is not a good idea. Also many times we get influenced by what we see on others. Don’t do that, instead take as much time as you want in order to carefully select the design and consult your tattoo artist for the same and you will be more than just satisfied.

An area on your body where you want to be inked is equally important as you cannot undo the design once done. While some people prefer to do it on the arms, legs or neck area which is directly exposed, others opt for more intimate areas with the thought that there should always be secrecy associated with it. Some organizations, in fact, do not approve their employees being tattooed and therefore they don't do it openly or opt for places where the tattoo is directly visible. Choose the place wisely as there is another factor associated with that. The place where you get tattooed also contributes to how much pain one may experience. Certain sensitive parts may pain more, hence do not hurry and decide wisely.

If you are looking for the best tattoo parlour that gives you great service and impressive results then do not look beyond as we are the best tattoo parlour in Bangalore, and have a team of professionals who perform great designs as per client need. Get in touch and we will help you to get the best design that not only is an extension of yourself but gives you a new found confidence as well.

Trippink Tattoo Parlour Is Known For Great Tattoos

There is no dearth of tattoo parlours across cities in India. This is an art that is fast catching up and more and more young and the even the older generation is getting a tattoo or so to say getting inked. Call it a craze, a trend or love for tattoos, this is an art that is here to stay. Each one has their reasons for getting inked so to speak. While someone wants to do it for their beloved, others do it as a mark of respect for someone who influenced their life, while some others do it in the memory of someone special. Tattoos ranging from bird designs to floral prints, anything, and everything can be inked, provided the artist has the necessary skills.

We Trippink are a tattoo parlour located in the heart of the city and are pioneers in this field. One of the finest and the best tattoo parlour in town, we offer designs and services that are unmatched to any of our counterparts. Our parlour boasts of the finest equipment and the most experienced and skilled tattoo artists who have mastery of the art and can make any design with perfection. The parlour is designed with the latest amenities and will give you all the comfort while you get the tattoo done. We believe in extending services that are of the highest quality and the experience stays with you forever, exactly as the tattoos stay in forever.

Our artists are experts in the art of tattooing and that reflects in the phenomenal work that they produce for every client that they are associated with. The Tattoos are available in all possible colors and variety. If you are looking for only black and white tattoos then you can get the same. Similarly, if you want colored tattoos, of any shape and size or even a design of your choice our tattoo artists endeavor to give you what you desire.

Some of the distinct features of our tattoos are as follows:

They come in a large variety and can be done the way you want. We have a reserve of tattooing designs to choose from. You can search some of the previous designs done for our clients and get a fair idea of how they look. Depending on that you can go for a design of your choice.

They are done with a lot of clarity, bright colors, and a fine hand. We take special care and ensure that the design looks great on you. It a once in a lifetime experience and we make every effort to make it memorable.

The tattoo is done under supervision and the right hygienic conditions and this is what attracts most of our clients to us.

We can work on some of the most intricate designs and give you exactly what you desire. Our artists are specialists in their same and trained to do any design of your choice.

So, go ahead and get yourself inked with one of the most prestigious tattoo parlours in Bangalore and flaunt your tattoo in style.

Trippink A Recognized Tattoo Parlour in Bangalore

A tattoo is an art that dates back to centuries and it is quite interesting to note that it is still prevalent in modern times and has evolved greatly over the past few decades. While a few years ago there were just a few tattoo parlours and only a hand full of tattoo artist that was unheard of, times have changed greatly today. Now we find tattoo artists in every nook and corner of a city and some tattoo parlours have mushroomed on every by-lane of Indian cities. Thanks to the ever so popular demand for these tattoo artists by our youth of today. Not just that it is also the older generation that is seen as greatly influenced by this body art and are increasingly attracted to getting a tattoo.

Having said that, it is equally important that while you may be inclined to get a tattoo, you must also be careful of the fact that tattoo art can be risky if not done properly or under hygienic conditions. It is very important to take care of this particular aspect of getting a tattoo. A tattoo parlour should not only be well equipped but also have a clean environment where one can get a tattoo made without putting one’s health and well-being at risk.

How can choose a good tattoo parlour to bring down the risk factor?

Choosing the right tattoo parlour is very essential as it can bring down your chances of catching any infection considerably. A good tattoo parlour such as Trippink, ensures certain hygiene standards and therefore the clients are at less risk of any infection. They adhere to the safety standards laid down by the health department and therefore no chances are taken whatsoever regarding the cleanliness part. They use disinfectants and take precautionary measures such as disposing of used hand gloves and needle immodestly after first use. They keep the surroundings clean and free of any infection.

A good tattoo parlour will also ensure that the tattoo artist carries out the work of tattoo making with utmost responsibility and care. A tattoo artist usually has an image of being flamboyant and outgoing. They constantly come in close contact with their clients and sometimes the client may demand a tattoo at an intimate part of the body. Especially when it comes to female clients, a tattoo artist should know where to draw the line and act courteously and respectfully. Besides this, they should show every ounce of professionalism and deal with each client in a patient and calm manner. Sharing some interesting ideas, guiding on what may be a right tattoo and understanding what the client demand besides being polite and friendly are some of the signs of a good tattoo artist and this reflects in their overall functioning the tattoo parlour as well.

What makes us a class apart?

We at Trippink are a recognized tattoo parlour in Bangalore and are proud to be a part of this industry for a long time to come. Our purpose is to revive and keep this ancient art of tattoo making alive and bring it into the limelight by making designs that are extremely innovative and extraordinary. We believe in practicing the art of tattoo making with utmost safety and responsibility and keep the comfort of our client foremost. There is no denying the fact that customer is God and we treat each of our clients in the best possible way and give them what they most desire.

We have a team of highly dedicated professional tattoo artists. For us, the individual requirement of our clients is a top priority.

We do not compromise on quality standards and each of our designs is unique and high on precision.

We have been in the business of tattoo making for a fair amount of time and with our dedication and perseverance, have earned a reputation that is looked upon with high regard in the industry.

We are an established name and have an enviable client list. Each of our employees, as well as the artist that are on board, possess the skills to communicate effectively and establish a bond with the client that touches them deep inside. We don't just make tattoos but realize the dreams, strike a chord and touch upon the feeling of our clients some of whom come with so much of passion and excitement for the tattoo experience.

For most of the clients who come to us, it is more than just a pleasurable experience and it means a lot to get inked. Some heart-rending stories of a client are indeed touching and bring a surge of emotions when the clients undergo the excitement of getting a tattoo made. A wife getting her husband's name on her arm, a man getting the cute face of his most adorable dog and a lady in her middle age getting inked for the first time just to have that taste of freedom and a sense of being free from all the shackles of the society are such instance that one comes through while getting a tattoo made. Some clients come for a tattoo in the memory of a loved one they lost and would like to attach it with themselves forever. What can be more rewarding than to create such a wonderful experience live the emotions that each of these people feels while at our parlour?

At Trippink a tattoo is not just a design that we create but also an experience that stays with the people who come to us. Not only maintain the quality standards but make it as pleasing and as lovable for our client’s do that they feel like visiting us again and recommend us to those who may be looking for good tattoo parlour best them. If you wish to have a tattoo then look no further, get in touch with the team of Trippink and we will assist you in choosing a tattoo that you will cherish be proud of.

How Trippink Tattoo Parlour is Different?

Tattoos are both fun and interesting. You will never get bored with a tattoo but you might keep on wanting more tattoos as getting inked not only looks fashionable but also coveys your emotions and deep feelings right on your sleeve. Trippink Tattoo Parlour is famed for the creative tattooing is a friendly ambiance. There are many tattoo parlours but when you visit Trippink Tattoo parlour you will notice the difference between the other parlours and Trippink. Many people have been attracted to tattooing and this attraction has caused a lot of boom in the tattoo business but Trippink has always maintained its position as the number one tattoo parlour in town.

If you are contemplating on the points that make Trippink Tattoo Parlour different from the rest of the tattoo studios and even from celebrated tattoo studios then, here is a list of all the points in details for your knowledge.

  • The place where our tattoo studio is situated is at a central position so that we can attend to all kinds of clients coming over from different corners. The central location of Trippink also makes sure that both customers and employees find it accessible and easy to reach the studio without having to waste time worrying about directions.
  • Trippink firmly believes in creating an inspiring aura between both the clients and the artists. This relaxing and inspiring aura ensures a connection between your artists and you and makes sure that your tattoo is done perfectly to the point where both you, and your artist can connect with each other on a creative level. The designs also get better with such a positive set of mood in the studio.
  • If you want to know more about tattooing we welcome you to come in for a session of consultation absolutely free of charge. You can ask all about tattoos and the art and get a clear vision about all your doubts regarding doing tattoos and it’s after-effects directly from our expert tattooists. We do not force you to come for tattooing if you sign up for a free consultation session as we believe that doing a tattoo should be your own choice and of your own free will. So, you need not feel obligated or under any sort of pressure when you come to talk with us at our store. We value the thought is our clients the most and we are always open for you to drop by in at your leisure hours.
  • The vision and mission of our tattoo parlour is very simple. We offer tattooing services at reasonable costs so that you can get to wear your tattoo desires proudly without worry much about the cost. We understand that there several clients who want to get tattooed but keep on deferring because of the little information and tattoo awareness they have. So, to make our clients aware of all the details regarding getting a tattoo done we organize workshops and small seminars where you can come and participate and be well informed about the art. You can also meet our artists and have a heart to heart chat about your tattoo ideas. We understand how important communication is, for our clients to decide on getting inked in the perfect way.
  • You can go through our studio and watch our tattooists at work in a demonstration class. We ensure that the privacy of clients is not infringed upon in any way during the demonstration. So, you can be sure about your privacy is safe with us while having a closer look at the actual process of getting tattooed.
  • Also, we are quite open about the costing part and we give you all the details about your total cost once you have selected the artist, the design and the services you want. We have a wide variety of tattooing and after tattooing services and each service is available for you to mix and match with all the other services you like. You can also make up your own package if you do not want to choose a pre-defined package for you. We offer all our clients the maximum transparency and flexibility in our tattoo parlour so that you can easily get your tattoo done in the most satisfactory way.
  • Trippink Tattoo parlour is also celebrated for the wide trust it has gained amongst its client base through some very innovative tattoo services. You can have a digitalized look at your tattoo design before it is imprinted on your skin. You can have a tattoo done from us on any part of your body. We have no bars and specifications set when you come to us for tattooing. We also offer full-body tattoo packages but these packages need time and the tattoos are done over a few sittings. For a full-body tattoo, we analyze each and every part of your skin where you want to get tattooed.
  • We have catalogs of all the services and the tattoo packages we offer available both online on our website. For a detailed list, you can check it out in person with us at our store. Along with the services we also offer a small introduction and past work experiences of all the tattooists who are attached to our studio professionally. We also have expert tattoo mentors who not only gives you an insight into getting tattooed but also supports you throughout your tattooing session ensuring that you have the best tattooing experience.
  • We maintain a perfect balance between being professional and friendly with our clients. We welcome clients in a manner where our customers feel free to share their story with us and why that particular design of the tattoo is important. You can tell us your deepest tattoo secrets and be assured about your secrecy being maintained.

Visit Trippink any time you want for an open heart chat about tattooing and your inking desires. Mark yourself with the best tattooists and experience all the flavors of fashion with your preciously inked desire.