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Trippink Tattoos is one of the most reckoned names in the tattoo industry in Bangalore since the year 2007. We are one of Bangalore’s best tattoo studios with a very creative team of highly experienced and skilled tattoo artists specializing in unique custom tattoo designs. Our tattoo masters are experts and specialize in this realm.

They offer eye-catching permanent body art and tattooing. To meet the diversified requirements of patrons and clients, we have a spacious tattoo parlor with modern tattoo equipment setup including Intense and Dynamic colors with the best state-of-the-art Cheyenne tattoo machines to deliver a world-class array of creatively designed tattoos at reasonable rates.

We have earned huge popularity among clients for providing Skin friendly, Perfect finish, Long lasting, Best in colors, Fancy and beautiful designs of tattoos. Our tattooists work very dedicatedly in a view to keeping clients contended.

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With vast years of domain experience, we are also engaged in offering tattoo training, if you desire to get tattoo making training you require patience, talent, study, practice, positive attitude, dedication and time.

We are trained and certified tattoo masters, with the guidance of veteran tattoo makers we will help you to learn to tattoo through a full-fledged tattoo course and establish you as a professional tattoo master in Bangalore, India. During your apprenticeship in our tattoo academy, we will see how enthusiastic you are about learning, open to opinion and your passion for tattooing. Our tattoo institute has all the essential tools as well as materials to take you to the next level.

Why are we the top tattoo masters?

We have a team of best tattoo masters in Bangalore ready to turn your tattoo dream into reality. All our tattoo makers have a creative spark and a lot of experience to provide you with genuine quality artistic work. If you have any confusions in terms of design or the process, we will gladly clear it for you and make the inking process seamless and enjoyable. When it comes to tattooing, we give utmost importance to hygiene and safety.

If you are looking for creative design, our team is ready to help you get inked as per your concept or ideas in your mind. We always strive to bring an impeccable smile on our clients' face with our stunningly beautiful customized tattoo designs and highest precision quality of work, which conveys their fulfillment.

Get Inked From The Best Tattoo Master!

With the growing popularity of inking permanent body art, individuals are searching forward for special and creative tattoo designs. Tattoo trends and its popularity are growing day by day, and now tattoos are not only considered as style statements but also as a character to one's true personality. Our range of custom tattoos makes you look wonderful as well as feel confident. We have highly innovative tattoo designs which will doubtlessly entice you and make you feel beautiful as well as stylish.

We are proud to be one of the top tattoo masters in Bangalore. Trippink is known for bright, clean and crisp work, out of the box creativity and prompt responsiveness. If you are getting tattooed for the first time, we understand how special it is for you. At Trippink our best tattoo master in Bangalore will sit and discuss the design with you in detail to provide you with a unique tattoo and a truly memorable experience. Come today, and ink your story with us.

Why Tattoo Masters At Trippink Are So Famous?

The tattoo industry is a challenging world. There is a lot of competition and to sustain the growing demand, one has to be a perfectionist in this field of art. You will agree with us when we say that, there are no shortcuts to success and that one has to show a lot of passion, sustained hard work and dedicated effort to bear the fruit of success. And this applies to the field of tattoo making as well, that is so fast catching up with the generation of today and each one wants to have a tattoo to flaunt in style.

So are you planning to venture into tattoo making, do you enjoy art and have an inclination for drawing and painting? Or is it that you would love to have a tattoo made and wondering what makes us the best tattoo artists in the town. While your reason to be associated with tattoo art may be any, but with the information that we will be sharing with you, it will definitely help you in either choosing us as the best tattoo parlor for getting a tattoo or getting inspired to be a part of this exciting form of ancient art by learning it hands-on.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get cracking. Read on as we give you an insight into why our tattoo masters are the most famous all around.

To most, it may seem simple, but being a tattoo master is not an easy bet. There is a lot that goes into it and most of the hard work goes unnoticed due to the glamour attached with it. Our artists are a dedicated bunch that has special training under the guidance of some eminent artist who has been in this business for decades to come and have acquired this art form with sheer hard work and practice. Comportment to their work and the passion to create something unique and outstanding with each passing day is what sets them apart. They possess certain unique qualities that have helped them turn their love for tattooing into a full-time career.

Keen Eye for Detail and Artistic Styles

Yes, you read that right! Our tattoos artists have a keen artistic ability that very few possess. While many can pull off a work of tattoos art with the available resources, what makes our artists distinct is that they have an eye for minute detail and they know the basics of art to the tee. There is a fair amount of art knowledge involved in being a tattoo master and they have it in them. There is no disputing the fact that certain skills and techniques can be acquired and build upon, but what is required here is the presence of that ability to work confidently and that is what they are proud to have. They view it as their medium and for them, their paintbrush and canvas is the skin and tattoo machine. And with this, we come to our next point.

A true artist is one who worships not only the skill that he possesses but also the tools that go into making that art. After all, it is these tools that help you bring out these unique and wonderful designs that half of the world is so much in awe of when you flaunt that amazing tattoo. Our tattoo masters know how to handle the machine and have a firm hand over the same. This gives them confidence while making tattoos and that reflects in the designs that they can present, be it a simple floral design to even more complicated one.

We have a bunch of tattoo artists have a curiosity for things around them and therefore cone up with designs that are constantly evolving and are on-trend. They understand the art and science behind making a tattoo and keep abreast with the latest tools and reconciled to design over the top and in sync with what is trending. Keeping in line with what is latest, makes them better prepared and successful in meeting the challenging requirements of the clients. They keep themselves up-to-date with the latest magazines and art shows and also participate in trade fairs and conventions that keep them posted with what is in demand and what might enchant the client. Staying informed and in connection with the latest keeps one improving and making oneself better and better. This way you are sure to do well in this dynamic and challenging industry and there is no looking back for you.

They Have Their Work Ethics in Place

Our tattoo masters work tirelessly to meet client demand and are on their toes. While the general perception about an artist is that he enjoys a lot of free time and has a big social network that makes him engage in socializing and entertainment, very few know that this is not the case. Rather a tattoo artist has to work his way through to reach the top as there are too many fishes in the pond and if he wants to prove himself then he had to cut down on certain aspects of his life. The truth is that they often work around late and start early as per client requirements.

They are complete professionals and understanding what it means to have a client who comes with the desire for a tattoo that may be central to his life experience. It is important to understand the client’s perspective and deliver accordingly.

Besides these, numerous other things make our tattoo artists the best. If you are looking to get a tattoo for yourself then we suggest that you get in touch with our tattoo masters and discuss what you are looking at. We can assure you that it will be an exceptionally pleasant and enriching experience to be a part of Trippink tattoo parlor and get inked from one of the best professional tattoo masters in Bangalore.

Trippink Tattoo Masters Excel in the Industry

The tattoo industry has been growing steadily since its inception. The yellowing pages of history can testify to the growing demand of the art and the changes that a renaissance in the art of tattooing had brought with it. Going back to the bygone days we can see that several civilizations have left behind evidence of tattooing. The earliest procedures to make the tattoo ink has been found as written records when historians have dug about in the enriched mud of the past for the various art forms. We at Trippink have tattoo masters on board with who are not only excellent at their artistry but also know the stages of evolution that tattooing has been through. All our tattoo masters are artists who have read their practicing art form’s history well. This makes our tattoo master along with their immaculate tattoo practices and services different from the rest and excels in this highly competitive industry. Numerous reasons make our artists at Trippink stand apart from the rest in the tattoo industry. If you are wondering about the research that you have to do to get full details about the excellence of our tattoo masters then fret no more and just take a peek at the key points below.

  • First and foremost, we understand that getting tattooed is not an easy decision to make. We do like to get marked on our skin but only if that marking is the way we desire it to be and tattoos are drawings that tell the world about your desires, wants thoughts, and feelings. Tattoos are an all-inclusive package with explosive meanings. So, we have some of the best tattooists who are not only professional inkers but are also, the esteemed faculty at our tattoo institute. We hire artists only after a rigorous screening process, starting from their qualifications to their mental and physical health are checked thoroughly.
  • We understand for the tattooists to be in a sound mental and physical condition as the penetrations of the needles during the tattooing session needs to be controlled and the pace of doing the tattoo and handling the tattoo gun requires the full attention of the artist. Also, the precision with which the needles pierce into your skin is controlled by the artists and this requires full concentration so that you can get your tattoo done without having to face too much of the stinging feeling.
  • All our Tattoo masters are trained professionally and are adept at the skill of tattooing. You can choose any tattoo master you want depending upon your tattoo design. All our tattoo masters are open to your ideas and creative thoughts. Neither we nor our tattoo artists will judge you for your choice so you can get whatever design or words you want in tattooed form from us.
  • The tattoo gun that is used by our tattoo masters is of the latest technology and model. We do not use any kinds of unhygienic or unsafe methods while doing your tattoo. All our tattooists are quite aware of maintaining proper hygiene standards. The quality of the ink used by our artists is topmost and the needles are changed according to your design needs. Your tattooists ensure that the needles that are going to be used for your tattooing are new, sterilized and made of good quality stainless steel. The sharp edges of the needles are also checked thoroughly by the tattoo masters and the package is only broken in front of you.
  • All our tattooists are open to all styles of tattooing and we also have tattoo masters who specialize in a certain tattoo style. So if you are looking for a specialized tattoo master then you can take look at our portfolio of skilled tattoo master who excels at a certain tattoo style. You can compare the style of your design and how you want it to be made with the tattoo style specialization of our masters and take the pick of your favorite tattooist easily. You can also see the past work and the styles they have developed upon before you make your choice.
  • While in your tattooing session you can have friendly words with our artist but we ensure that all our tattoo masters are extremely professional and will take care of your privacy thoroughly. All our tattoo masters are trained in maintaining a perfect scale of balance between professionalism and friendly relations with their customers. Feel welcomed warmly while you experience professional services at its best.
  • The tattoo guns that are used for your tattooing are selected based on the chosen design of your tattoo. At first, after the tattoo is shown on the paper, the needed amendments are made and then after the design is finalized it is shown in a digital mode where you can take a look at the sample design in a three dimensional way. It helps you to have a look at the tattoo design exactly at the way it would look on you after you are done tattooing. All these are done by our Trippink tattooists to guarantee your perfect tattooing experience.
  • We hire both talented and experienced tattooists and also welcome those who have the talent and passes our strict screening tests. So you are safe with our tattooists. We are known in the industry for our excellent tattoo masters who can infuse their creativity easily with any design and give ideas. If you want to get tattooed on a certain subject, but you are not sure about the controversy it might create then leave it up tour tattoo masters to get you a tattoo that will not only address your views on the subject but also garner attention and positive reviews about your tattoo and perspectives.

Overall the expertise, friendly behavior, creative blooms, and a cost-effective professional service makes our Trippink tattoo masters excel on their own in the industry. So, if you are looking for excellent tattoo services contact us at our tattoo studio.