Piercing in Bangalore/Piercing Shops in Bangalore

Piercing in Bangalore/Piercing Shops in Bangalore

Piercing shops in Bangalore

Piercing is considered as one of the most popular and accepted fashion trends today. Especially among millennial, this fashion idea seems to be gaining great momentum. Piercing is indeed a great way to express your beliefs, ideas and passion. Body piercing in Bangalore is so much in demand that, innumerable tattoo artists and tattoo studios are widely available in Bangalore now. If you are looking at body piercing, you can just search for the best places for tattoo art in Bangalore online. In order to get more accurate results, using search keywords like ‘piercing shops near me’ or ‘piercing parlor near me’ or ‘Tattoo and piercing shops near me’ on different search portals, will help you get a handy list of the most suitable tattoo centers in Bangalore for you to choose from

Types of Piercing:

  • Ear Piercing: It is the process of making holes on the edges/lobes of ears to facilitate wearing of studs or earrings. It is preferred by men too. It is sometimes opted for just one ear also. 
  • Nose Piercing: Nose piercing is the process of piercing any part of the nose to be able to wear a nose ring or any other nose jewel.
  • Belly Piercing: This is also called navel piercing or umbilical dip piercing. This is a piercing done in the belly to wear a belly accessory. 

Process of piercing 

The process flow of piercing is as follows:

  • A sharp and fresh needle is sterilized
  • The jewel to be adorned in the pierced area is sterilized
  • The needle is inserted in the intended area to create a small hole in the skin. 
  • After piercing, the needle is carefully disposed in the predispose machine.
  • The pierced area is cleaned by proper sanitization.

Safety in Piercing:

Piercing is generally considered safe if it is carried out in a hygienic environment under the supervision of an experienced and skilled piercing practitioner. Some of the precautions that can be taken to ensure 100% safety of the piercing process include:

  • In case of pregnancy, consumption of herbal supplements, weak immune system, diabetes and heart condition, you must take doctors opinion before going ahead with any kind of body piercing.
  • You must check if the piercing studio has obtained a legal license to run the studio
  • Ensure that one time use fresh needle is used for your piercing.
  • Make sure that the overall atmosphere in the studio is hygienic 

What materials can be used for piercing?

A plethora of materials that can be used for the piercing process are listed below-

  • Nickel free Gold
  • Platinum
  • Glass
  • Polymers that are Biocompatible in nature
  • Surgical Steel
  • Niobium
  • Titanium

Why should you choose Trippink Tattoos for piercing?

Trippink Tattoos is a leading name in the tattoo industry and is widely renowned as the best shop for piercing in Bangalore. Though there are a large number of tattoo shops in Bangalore, Trippink Tattoos stands out among the others for the following reasons:

  • Customer Centric approach: At Trippink Tattoos, our practitioners are not only known for their skill and expertise but are also trained to guide you through the process of choosing the right type of piercing for your personality. 
  • Pocket friendly: Unlike other tattoo studios, we do not make a hole in your pocket. Our piercing service is economic in nature and offers value for money.
  • Variety: We offer various types of body piercing like ears, nose and belly piercing. We are hence considered a one stop shop for body piercing.
  • Prime location: No matter in whichever area of Bangalore you reside, when you search online for ‘piercing shops near me’ or ‘piercing parlor near me’ or ‘Tattoo and piercing shops near me’, you are sure to find our tattoo studio in the list. This is because we are primly located in the city of Bangalore.
  • Legal permissions: We at Trippink Tattoos have obtained a legal license to run our studio. Moreover, all our practitioners are experienced in piercing. In addition, we also keep in mind the international standards of safety and hygiene while carrying out the piercing process.

Finding the best piercing shop in Bangalore is now just a click away. Just look for ‘piercing shops near me’ or ‘piercing parlor near me’ or ‘Tattoo and piercing shops near me’ using any search engine and choose the best piercing shop for you. However, you will have an edge over the others if you choose - Trippink Tattoos as the studio is the most preferred choice by the millennial for body piercing in Bangalore. For further queries you can reach them at +91 97482 98107.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a basic piercing?

Basic piercing includes ear, nose or belly piercing and is done using a gun by a body piercing professional.

How many piercings can I get at once?

You can get as many piercings as you want but not at one go. Depending on your healing period and pain tolerance, it is best to wait and maintain an interval of 3 to 6 months before getting a new piercing.

What is the best place to get piercing in Bangalore?

Trippink Tattoos Studio is the best place to get a piercing in Bangalore. It is highly preferred for its customer-centric approach and affordable rates.

What type of piercing service do Trippink Tattoos offer?

At Trippink Tattoos we offer ear, nose, eyebrow and belly piercing.

How to get a consultation in your piercing parlor?

You can visit our website and request a quote or write to us at TrippinkTattoos@Gmail.Com for more information.

Is there any appointment needed for piercing consultation?

You can call us or write to us if you wish to book an appointment for the consultation.

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