Professional Ear Piercing in Bangalore

Professional Ear Piercing in Bangalore

Piercing is an emerging fashion trend today. Be it men or women, piercing seems to be the desire of every Bangalorean. In response to the increasing demand for piercing, numerous tattoo parlours in Bangalore are now available that offer ear piercing in Bangalore. Body piercing includes ear, nose and belly piercing. However, ear piercing is the most common of them all. Do an extensive research online by searching for ‘professional ear piercing near me’ to ensure that you land at a top studio to get your ears pierced.

Types of Ear Piercing:

  • Earlobe Piercing: Ear lobe is the soft and fleshy part of the ear which is commonly preferred for ear piercing.
  • Ear Cartilage Piercing: Cartilage is a connective tissue which is softer than the bones but harder than the skin. Ear Cartilage Piercing is the piercing done on the top most part of the ear. There are various types of Cartilage piercing. However, the most common type of ear cartilage piercing is Helix Piercing.

Process of piercing

The process flow followed by top centers, for ear piercing in Bangalore is as follows:

  • Sterilize an unused needle
  • Sterilize the jewellery that has to be worn
  • The intended area to be pierced is marked
  • Local anesthesia is applied on the region
  • A receiving tube is used to hold the ear in place. This tube should be sterilized before use.
  • A small hole is made in the skin by inserting the needle
  • After piercing, the needle is carefully disposed in the predispose machine.
  • The pierced area is properly cleaned to ensure complete hygiene
  • The jewellery is added to the pierced area

Safety in Piercing:

When it comes to piercing, safety is an important factor to be kept in mind. There are various dimensions to safety. These include safety before procedure, safety during procedure and safety after procedure. Some of the pointers you should keep in mind after the ear piercing process has been completed include:

  • Do not go for swimming
  • Do not over clean the pierced area with soap
  • Do not expose the pierced area directly to sunlight
  • Do not expose the pierced area directly to sunlight
  • Do not meddle with your jewellery adorned in the pierced area

To get your ears pierced with utmost care and safety, you should look up for ‘professional ear piercing near me’, shortlist from the search results on basis or reviews and ratings and make your final choice.

What materials can be used for piercing?

A wide range of materials can be used for ear piercing. The most common ones include-

  • Surgical Steel
  • Titanium

Why should you choose Trippink Tattoos for ear piercing?

Trippink Tattoo is a top studio known for ear piercing in Bangalore. Though there are a large number of tattoo shops in Bangalore, Trippink Tattoos has earned a high reputation due to the following reasons:

  • Customer oriented approach: At Trippink Tattoos, our practitioners spend adequate time to understand your needs and deliver it to the best of their skill, knowledge and ability.
  • Pocket friendly: At Trippink Tattoos, we believe in charging our customers reasonably. Our aim is to gain customer loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Prime location: Irrespective of your area of residence, when you search online for 'Professional ear piercing near me' you are sure to find our tattoo studio in the list. This is because we are primly located in the city of Bangalore.
  • Legal permissions: We at Trippink tattoo have obtained a legal permission to carry out piercing activity in our studio. The practitioners and artists we employ are also qualified and certified.

Finding the best centre for ear piercing in Bangalore is now no big deal. Just look for 'professional ear piercing near me' using any search engine and choose the one best suitable for you. However, if you want to be rest assured about the safety of ear piercing process, then Trippink Tattoo should be your first choice. For further queries or to book an appointment you can reach them at +91 97482 98107.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why ear piercing is done?

Ear piercing is a fashion statement. In a country like India, it also believed that ear piercing helps to maintain the flow of current in the body, piercing the earlobes is also said to promote brain development.

What should I avoid after ear piercing?

You should avoid touching the new piercing frequently as it may delay the healing process. You must also limit contact with water to avoid any infection.

Can men have double ear piercings?

Yes, some men prefer to have double ear piercings and carry it with confidence.

What are the best ear piercings to get?

Apart from the common ear lobe piercing, you can also experiment with a high lobe piercing, daith ear piercing, Tragus ear piercing, conch ear piercing, helix ear piercing and so much more.

Can I get my ears pierced in the summer?

To speed up the healing process, it is better to pierce your ears in autumn or early winter months.

Is ear piercing painful?

Compared to daith, helix, Tragus, etc., ear lobe piercing is considered to be less painful.

What are some tips for getting a second ear piercing?

Make sure there is a considerable gap between your first and second piercing. This is with regards to the time required to heal and avoid inflammation of the pierced area. It also refers to the distance between the placement of the first and second piercing. Your piercing artist will be able to suggest the best time and the right placement for the second ear piercing.

Is ear piercing a good idea for a 20-year-old guy?

Yes, provided you have a good understanding of your pain threshold and the before and aftercare required for maintaining tattoos.

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