Nose Piercing in Bangalore

Nose Piercing in Bangalore

Piercing is the latest fashion trend today. Of all the different types of piercing, nose piercing is gaining increased popularity among Indians. The trend of nose piercing is cutting across age barriers and is desired by all. The western influence has totally engulfed India. As metro cities act as fashion trend setters in India, the city of Bangalore seems to be setting a high benchmark to popularize piercing. To meet the increased demand, numerous Tattoo studios are offering nose piercing in Bangalore. 

Types of Nose Piercing:

The popular types of nose piercing in Bangalore include:

  • Nostril Piercing: This is the most common type of nose piercing. It creates a single hole on the nostril and can be done on either side of the nose or both.
  • High Nostril Piercing: This is a novel type of nose piercing, where a hole is made a little higher than as in the nostril Piercing. This is to facilitate layered piercing and wearing more than one jewel on the nose. 
  • Septum Piercing: Septum piercing is the kind of piercing done between two nostrils to enable you to wear a nose jewel in between both nostrils.
  • Bridge Piercing: This is a surface piercing and does not involve puncturing of the skin. This piercing facilitates wearing nose jewel on the nose bridge.
  • Vertical Tip Piercing: This type of piercing is done on the tip of the nose to adorn a nose jewel.
  • Nasallang Piercing: This is a 3 layer piercing involving both nostrils and septum. It is used to wear a nose jewel that is straight.

Process of piercing

The process flow followed by top studios, for nose piercing in Bangalore is as follows:

  • A sharp and fresh needle is sterilized
  • The nose jewel to be worn in the pierced area is sterilized
  • The area of the nose to be pierced is marked
  • Local anesthesia is applied on the nose region
  • A receiving tube is inserted in the nostril. This tube is sterilized before use. 
  • The needle is inserted in the intended area and jewel is added

To get your nose pierced, you can visit one of the top most centers for nose piercing in Bangalore. 

Safety in Piercing:

Piercing is generally considered safe if it is carried out in a hygienic environment under the supervision of an experienced and skilled piercing practitioner. Some of the pointers you should keep in mind after the nose piercing process has been completed include:

  • You must frequently and regularly clean your nose (twice per day) using tea tree oil or sea salt to prevent infections.
  • Don't share nose jewel with others
  • Avoid the use of hydrogen peroxide as it may cause irritation
  • Don’t unnecessarily meddle with the nose jewel

What materials can be used for nose piercing?

A plethora of materials can be used for the nose piercing process. The most common ones include-

  • Surgical Steel
  • Titanium

Why should you choose Trippink Tattoos for nose piercing?

Trippink Tattoos is a top studio known for nosepiercing in Bangalore. Though there are a large number of tattoo shops in Bangalore offering piercing, going to Trippink Tattoos is the first choice of every Bangalorean. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Customer safety: We at Trippink Tattoos have been granted a legal license by the government to offer services like tattoo art and body piercing in Bnagalore. All our tattoo artists and piercing practitioners have rich experience. In addition, we also follow international standards of safety and hygiene.
  • Economical: Though our studio is known for great ambience and infrastructure, our charges for piercing are very nominal. 
  • Proximity: As our studio is located at a prime locality, we are easily accessible by all.
  • Quality experience: Apart from carrying out the piercing activity professionally, our practitioners go the extra mile to make sure that the customer feels at home at all times. Our friendly service has gained us laurels among Bangalorean’s.

If you are looking for nose piercing in Bangalore, you must visit Trippink Tattoos. Apart from experts in the field of piercing, we also have the best tattoo artists in Bangalore. For further queries or to book an appointment you can reach them at +91 97482 98107. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my nose piercing to heal faster?

The experts at Trippink Tattoos will be able to guide you on how to heal faster, you can also try applying slightly warm saline water compress on the pierced area.

What's the biggest disadvantage of having a nose piercing?

Like all piercings, a nose piercing may hurt for a month. Through proper care, you can avoid some of the other disadvantages like scarring.

How to decide which side to get your nose pierced?

While most Indians prefer to pierce the left side of the nose due to health benefits, various cultures also suggest piercing the right side of the nose.

Can one have their nose pierced with a hoop ring?

Yes, hoops and studs are commonly preferred, but unlike the stud, a hoop ring will require extra care during the healing process.

What is the scientific reason behind wearing nose studs?

The claims are wide. In some cultures, a nose ring is said to help with respiratory problems, blood pressure, and is also said to reduce pain during childbirth.

How painful is a nose piercing?

This will depend on your pain tolerance, people with very soft cartilage may experience a sharp pain that subsides soon.

What does a nose piercing on the right side indicate?

There are many cultural indications for getting a nose piercing, you can choose any side you want by referring to these suggestions. Remember these are only suggestions, at the end of the day you must do what you wish to do.

How safe is it to get your nose pierced?

Some of the risk involved with getting a nose piercing is allergic reactions to certain metals and catching an infection during the healing process due to improper care.

How much does a nose piercing cost?

The price for nose piercing will vary from studio to another, to know the price of piercing at Trippink Tattoos, request for a quote.

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