Belly Piercing in Bangalore

Belly Piercing in Bangalore

India has always welcomed western trends with open arms. Body piercing, especially belly piercing is gaining drastic momentum all over the world. It is now considered the most fashionable and happening trend, especially among the youth. Taking the lead, the city of Bangalore is witnessing many people opting for Belly piercing. If you are a dweller of Bangalore, you can just look up for top studios for ‘belly piercing near me’ online and choose the one that suits you the best. While choosing a studio for piercing, it is important to consider important parameters like quality of service, ambience and price.

Types of Belly Piercing:

If you look for ‘Belly piercing near me’, you are sure to find Trippink Tattoos in the search result. This is because the studio is primely located and easily accessible for Bangaloreans. Most of the studios in Bangalore offer the following types of Belly piercing:

  • Upper vertical belly piercing: This is the most common type of belly piercing, where the piercing is done on the upper ridge of the belly button passing through the navel
  • Vertical inverse belly button piercing: In this type of belly piercing, piercing is first done on the lower ridge of the belly button and then made to pass through the navel.
  • True Navel Piercing: In this type of belly piercing, the actual naval is pierced. It is most suitable for people having an outward belly button.
  • Horizontal Belly piercing: This type of belly piercing is only a surface piercing.
  • Multi navel piercing: In this type of belly piercing, the rim is pierced multiple times to add multiple jewels

Once you have searched for ‘belly piercing near me’, you are sure to narrow down your choice to Trippink Tattoos from the list of top studios for piercing in Bangalore.

Process of piercing 

The process flow followed by top studios, for Belly piercing in Bangalore is as follows:

  • A sharp and fresh needle is sterilized
  • The Belly jewel to be worn in the pierced area is sterilized
  • The area of the Belly to be pierced is marked
  • Local anesthesia is applied on the Belly region
  • A receiving tube is inserted. This tube is sterilized before use. 
  • The needle is inserted in the area to be pierced and jewel is added

To get your Belly pierced, you can visit one of the top most centers for Belly piercing in Bangalore. All you have to do is, just do an online search for the best parlours for ‘belly piercing near me’ and choose the one with the highest rating.

Safety in Belly Piercing:

The following steps have to be kept in mind to ensure safety in Belly piercing.

Before piercing:

  • Eat your meal on time
  • Stay hydrated with ample fluids
  • Avoid alcohol consumption from 48 hours before procedure
  • Clean belly button thoroughly with soap

After piercing:

  • On the day following piercing, clean the pierced area with rock salt and wash off with warm water
  • Apply antimicrobial cream on the pierced area, thrice everyday till it heals
  • Avoid swimming for a month

What materials can be used for Belly piercing?

A plethora of materials can be used for the Belly piercing process. The most common ones include-

  • Surgical Steel
  • Titanium
  • Bioflex
  • Gold

Why should you choose Trippink Tattoos for Belly piercing?

Trippink Tattoos is a top studio in Bangalore known for Belly piercing. Though there are a large number of tattoo shops in Bangalore offering piercing, going to Trippink Tattoos is the first choice of every Bangalorean. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Trusted brand: Trippink Tattoos is a trusted name in the field of tattoo art and piercing. Innumerable Bangalorean’s have written testimonials praising the studio for their excellent service and customer care. As this is a tried and tested place by many, it’s easy to choose our studio for tattoo or piercing service.
  • Value for money: Trippink Tattoos strives hard to provide excellent ambience clubbed with professional service at affordable prices. 
  • Skilled practitioners: Our tattoo artists and piercing specialists are experts in their field with rich experience. Apart from having a professional approach, they are also amicable and approachable and handle customer anxiety with ease.
  • Safety: Our studio started operation after obtaining a legal license from the government. We also reiterate on international safety standards while carrying out all procedures.

If you are looking for Belly piercing in Bangalore, just do an online search for the best places for ‘belly piercing near me’ and choose the studio that satisfies your need. To get belly piercing done at Trippink Tattoos, you can reach them at +91 97482 98107.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a belly piercing good?

Belly piercing is a pop culture phenomenon and is seen as a symbol of personal expression.

How to take proper care for belly piercing?

Your body piercer will recommend how you should take care of your belly piercing. Commonly suggested care procedures include applying soap and water and thoroughly rinsing the pierced area. Alternatively, you can use a sterile saline solution to clean the area daily.

Is getting belly piercing painful?

Compared to a tattoo or an ear-piercing, belly piercing pain is less intense and lasts for a lesser duration.

How much does it cost for a belly piercing?

If you are looking for a highly reputed belly piercing place that also gives you value for money visit Trippink Studios. You can request a quote by entering your details on the website.

What is the correct age to get belly piercing?

A belly piercing should be handled with care so it is recommended only for people who are 16 years or above.

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