Tattoo Studio in Bangalore
Tattoo art can't be learned by simply watching videos, reading books, browsing the web, or watching some individual inking. It requires hands-on training under the guidance of an expert, experienced tattooist. To get the tattooing right, it needs huge practice and practice. It isn't just about making a tattoo in some person's body, one needs to find out about types of tools, colors, blending procedures, taking care of body shapes, shading, disinfection, arranging bio risk material and aftercare. Our courses are intended to address these issues and to set up you as an expert tattoo maker. Our coaching is full hands-on training under the direction and supervision of well known, experience tattoo master. Trippink Tattoo studio is a one-stop search for all tattoo needs, whether you want tattoo design on your body or want to learn basic or advanced level course of tattoo art.

We are greatly enthusiastic about our work and conveying the superior quality of service. Customer's safety and health is our first priority and we take our most extreme care to ensure that the tattoos are made in a perfect, safe, clean and hygienic atmosphere. We have an exceptionally relaxed environment and a comfortable climate at our tattoo studio in Bangalore with full privacy.

At Trippink, we try to build a genuine relationship with our customers and treat them with truth, respect and honesty.